How to clear a removed single-disk pool from being listed by zpool import?

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Operating Systems Solaris How to clear a removed single-disk pool from being listed by zpool import?
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# zpool clear fido

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Try :
zpool export fido
devfsadm -Cv

Now check out the if import complains.

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Thank you very much @hicksd8 and @Peasant for suggestions.

Unfortunately, both # zpool clear fido and
zpool export fido; devfsadm -Cv

did not help, Iím still getting same ghost entry with zpool import, same as first post.

I think thatís because the single-device pool named "fido" isnít attached, and thus zpool commands wonít be able to affect it.

I also tried zpool labelclear -f fido, but it doesnít work, I believe for same reason.

Last night I wondered, if the disk isnít even attached, where does zpool import get that ghost information?

I digged further with the zdb command, which revealed this "label" on disk c1t0025385971B16535d0, which is the server's boot disk:

# zdb -l /dev/rdsk/c1t0025385971B16535d0
failed to unpack label 0
failed to unpack label 1
    version: 5000
    name: 'fido'
    state: 0
    txg: 30770
    pool_guid: 7452075738474086658
    hostid: 647188743
    hostname: ''
    top_guid: 7525102254531229074
    guid: 7525102254531229074
    vdev_children: 1
        type: 'disk'
        id: 0
        guid: 7525102254531229074
        path: '/dev/nvd0p3'
        whole_disk: 1
        metaslab_array: 37
        metaslab_shift: 32
        ashift: 12
        asize: 509746872320
        is_log: 0
        create_txg: 4
failed to unpack label 3

So, zpool import seems to read that stray information on the boot disk, related to a long-gone pool, and still believe it is available on the system.

One solution would be to perform a complete reinstall on that machine, wiping boot disk completely with dd before install.

Before doing that, would you know if itís possible at all to safely clear up such a stray zdb entry from a boot disk?

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I'm not sure i follow..

So the system is now installed on c1t0025385971B16535d0 (using whole disk), and zpool import complains of that same disk being part of fido zpool which contains the same device c1t0025385971B16535d0 ?
This is quite strange.

Can we see the output of :
zpool status rpool

Also format command and print partitions of that disk would be helpful.

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I completely reinstalled OmniOS, and I was able to replicate the issue with these steps:

- Install a second NVMe drive
- Install FreeBSD on that and boot from it
- Boot again, this time from OmniOS
- Import the FreeBSD pool (on second NVMe)
- Poweroff without exporting it
- Remove FreeBSD NVMe from server
- Boot from OmniOS

At that point, zpool import will show message as original post.

In that state, there is nothing one can do to remove the stray label from boot disk.

Although not a real bug, I reported that to Illumos devs as feature request, i.e., to be able to remove stray leftover labels caused by above steps.

I am adding the "solved" tag, and I will report back with updates as soon as I have them.

Thanks to all for the help and advice!
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