Sun cluster v3.2 - Is this right?

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Operating Systems Solaris Sun cluster v3.2 - Is this right?
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Old 07-31-2018
Sun cluster v3.2 - Is this right?

Running Sun Cluster v3.2 it appears. Two clustered physcial servers both running Solaris 10.

Both servers run a number of Oracle DBs etc. BUT I'm a bit concerned that its been set up but will never switch in the even of failure of one of the hosts?

Some of the cluster groups we've disabled (migrated to new servers). BUT noticed that only CHD-RG and WCKNO-RG have both servers listed?
Are both nodes supposed to be configured for these cluster groups? If, for example, server DAT-PL2 failed, then COGNOS10-RG would not switch because DAT-SL2 is not listed?

Config is as follows:-

# clrg status
=== Cluster Resource Groups ===
Group Name           Node Name     Suspended    Status
----------           ---------     ---------    ------
listener-p-rg        dat-pl2    No           Online
listener-s-rg        dat-sl2    No           Online
chprd-rg             dat-pl2    No           Online
vses-rg              dat-pl2    No           Online
vprd-rg              dat-sl2    No           Online
wckprd-rg            dat-sl2    No           Online
listener2-p-rg       dat-pl2    No           Online
listener2-s-rg       dat-sl2    No           Online
wckno-rg             dat-pl2    No           Offline
                          dat-sl2    No           Online
listenerWCK-p-rg     dat-pl2    No           Online
listenerEWF-p-rg     dat-pl2    No           Online
listenerEWF-s-rg     dat-sl2    No           Online
listenerWCK-s-rg     dat-sl2    No           Online
cognos10-rg          dat-pl2    No           Online
listenerXML-s-rg     dat-sl2    No           Online
listenerXML-p-rg     dat-pl2    No           Online
listenerFES-p-rg     dat-pl2    No           Online
listenerFES-s-rg     dat-sl2    No           Online
e5fin-rg             dat-sl2    No           Unmanaged
e5archive-rg         dat-sl2    No           Unmanaged
fes-rg               dat-sl2    No           Unmanaged
chd-rg               dat-pl2    No           Unmanaged
                     dat-sl2    No           Unmanaged

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Old 07-31-2018
Please use code tags, as required by rules.
After 100 posts on these forums this should be endorsed while posting.

As for your question, if a resource group is in Online state, the package will fail over upon host failure, if quorum is met and the resource group has remaining node(s) in its configuration.
Can you post output in code tags of : clrg show cognos10-rg

Unmanaged state will do nothing, this means that the package is configured (probably, i can only guess without further inspection) but is not managed by cluster.
So, host failures or anything will not effect those in a cluster sense.

Best is, after migration to clean the old resources and resource groups from cluster, and old devices files from operating system.

Also, good practice is to trying to failover a package before going live Smilie
Otherwise inspect the system logs, and see if those packages failovered in the past, giving you further clues.

Hope that helps.
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Old 08-02-2018
#clrg show cognos10-rg

=== Resource Groups and Resources ===

Resource Group:                                 cognos10-rg
  RG_description:                                  <NULL>
  RG_mode:                                         Failover
  RG_state:                                        Managed
  Failback:                                        False
  Nodelist:                                        dat-pl2

  --- Resources for Group cognos10-rg ---

  Resource:                                     cognos10-hastorageplus-res
    Type:                                          SUNW.HAStoragePlus:8
    Type_version:                                  8
    Group:                                         cognos10-rg
    Resource_project_name:                         default
    Enabled{chpdat-pl2}:                           True
    Monitored{chpdat-pl2}:                         True

  Resource:                                     cognos10-hafoip1-res
    Type:                                          SUNW.LogicalHostname:3
    Type_version:                                  3
    Group:                                         cognos10-rg
    Resource_project_name:                         default
    Enabled{chpdat-pl2}:                           True
    Monitored{chpdat-pl2}:                         True

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Old 08-02-2018
Only one that will failover is wckno-rg
Now with code tags i noticed.

So this is well, quite broken and/or misconfigured Smilie

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