Precaution during Quorum Server Reboot

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Operating Systems Solaris Precaution during Quorum Server Reboot
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Old 07-17-2018
Precaution during Quorum Server Reboot


I need to know what are the precaution we should take during quorum server reboot as this quorum server is providing quorum devices to five different solaris two node clusters.

Also let me know do I have to follow below procedure as well before and after reboot of quorum server

Do I have to put those cluster quorum devices in maintenance state by running below command in one node of each of the five clusters before reboot of quorum server

clq disable <quorumdevice>

After reboot of quorum server , I need to enable the quorum device on one node of each of the five clusters by running below command

clq enable <quorumdevice>

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Old 07-17-2018
Check output of clq status on every cluster.
Examine the quorum votes required :
--- Quorum Votes Summary from (latest node reconfiguration) ---

            Needed   Present   Possible
            ------   -------   --------
            2        3         3

If the cluster meets needed quorum (Needed) without the quorum server, no other operation is required on cluster(s).
After the quorum server is up, check if the vote has returned.

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Old 07-17-2018
Thanks Peasant for you reply

Just to confirm that... are you saying that I don't have to disable or enable the quorum devices in five clusters during the reboot activity which I mention in my first post of this thread
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Old 07-17-2018
He said you have to check if your "needed" and "present" count are correct. If they are, you can reboot the quorum server without any danger. In a 2 node cluster you should have 2 on the needed side and 3 on the present. The 3rd would be the quorum server. After the reboot check again for present=3.
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