Disk corruption? Cant run fsck....

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Operating Systems Solaris Disk corruption? Cant run fsck....
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Old 07-12-2018
Disk corruption? Cant run fsck....

NOTICE: /: unexpected free inode 45262, run fsck(1M)
fsck: cannot open vfstab

Looks like /etc/vfstab (and a few other files has gone)

Any ideas?

Boot from cd, mount disk and recreate vfstab so that I can run fsck?
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Old 07-12-2018
Be careful. You can't run fsck on a volume that you are booted from anyway.

It's telling you to run fsck manually so you will need to boot from DVD into single user:

ok> boot cdrom -s

Then run 'fsck' on your boot device and use the -n switch to ensure it doesn't write anything to the device until you know how extensive the damage is. If you let it auto-repair (-y switch) it might destroy the whole filesystem on the ground faster than you can blink. So use the -n switch and assess the damage first.
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