Extend zfs storage filesystem

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Operating Systems Solaris Extend zfs storage filesystem
# 1  
Extend zfs storage filesystem


Need to ask the question regarding extending the zfs storage file system.

currently after using the command, df -kh
u01-data-pool/data  600G  552  48G 93% /data

/data are only 48 gb remaining and it has occupied 93% for total storage.

zpool u01-data-pool has more then 200 gb space are available, how we can

increase the size of u01-data-poo/data

We used the below command to increase the size of the file system, it work but not showing the complete space.
zfs set quota=700g u01-data-pool/data

after used above command, the file sytem /data are
u01-data-pool/data 700G 552G 82G 88% /data

Kindly explain us why the available space are not showing 148gb instead of 82 gb.

Please advice us.

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Can you provide out of :
zfs list -t all -o space -r u01-data-pool

# 3  
# zfs list -t all -o space -r u01-data-pool

u01-data-pool       82.4G   752G         0     31K              0       752G
u01-data-pool/data  82.4G   552G         0    552G              0          0
u01-data-pool/u01    190G  10.0G         0   10.0G              0          0

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# 4  
How big is the entire zpool ?
zpool list u01-data-pool

Also examine the output the following, looking for quota, refquota, reservation and refreservation set on each filesystem.

zfs get refquota,quota,refreservation,reservation u01-data-pool
zfs get refquota,quota,refreservation,reservation u01-data-pool/data
zfs get refquota,quota,refreservation,reservation u01-data-pool/u01

Hope that will shed a light to the problem.
# 5  
output for queries

# zpool list u01-data-pool

u01-data-pool 848G 562G 286G 66% ONLINE -

# zfs get refquota,quota,refreservation,reservation u01-data-pool

u01-data-pool refquota none default
u01-data-pool quota none default
u01-data-pool refreservation none default
u01-data-pool reservation none default

# zfs get refquota,quota,refreservation,reservation u01-data-pool/data
u01-data-pool/data refquota none default
u01-data-pool/data quota 700G local
u01-data-pool/data refreservation none default
u01-data-pool/data reservation none local

# zfs get refquota,quota,refreservation,reservation u01-data-pool/u01

u01-data-pool/u01 refquota none default
u01-data-pool/u01 quota 200G local
u01-data-pool/u01 refreservation none default
u01-data-pool/u01 reservation 200G local
# 6  
Please use code tags, according the the forum rules.

The file system u01-data-pool/u01 has a reservation property set to 200 GB.

Property reservation will do just that, reserve 200 GB for the specified zfs filesystem - guaranteeing 200 GB.
It will show as used space as soon as it's set with zfs set command.

Since the mentioned file system with reservation property has only 10 gb used, lowering that property will effectively increase the usable space for other filesystems under the zpool.

As for the reasons for such setup, you should check with administrator or one who made it.

Hope that helps
# 7  
Dear peasant,

Thanks for your reply, I have a target to increased the size of u01-data-pool/data file system, because all oracle database files are reside there.

For u01-data-pool/u01 have oracle binary files , so no issues for this file system.

Need a command to proper extend the size of u01-data-pool/data pool.

Hope you understand my point.

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