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SunOS confusing root directory and user home directory

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Operating Systems Solaris SunOS confusing root directory and user home directory
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Old 04-24-2018
SunOS confusing root directory and user home directory


I've just started using a Solaris machine with SunOS 5.10.
After the machine is turned on, I open a Console window and at the prompt, if I execute a pwd command, it tells me I'm at my home directory (someone configured "myuser" as default user after init).

 MACH1!myuser(staff,----,noView)@../myuser [41] pwd

But the weird thing is that if I run a ls command, it shows me that in fact, its at the root directory (!!!)

 MACH1!myuser(staff,----,noView)@../myuser [42] ls -l
 (Shows directories: 
 /usr ...)

And if I go to a subdirectory, something stranger happens.
It assumes a false path.
 MACH1!myuser(staff,----,noView)@../myuser [43] cd etc
 MACH1!myuser(staff,----,noView)@../etc [44] pwd

If I try to call this false path, the shell naturally can't do it.

 MACH1!myuser(staff,----,noView)@../etc [45] cd /home/staff/myuser/etc
 /home/staff/myuser/etc: No such file or directory

But if I call my home path, it works as expected.
 MACH1!myuser(staff,----,noView)@../etc [46] cd /home/staff/myuser
 MACH1!myuser(staff,----,noView)@../myuser [47] ls -l
 (shows files in my home directory)

Well, I'm not so experienced with Unix and I have no idea what can be wrong. I looked some files such as .profile, dtautologin, but couldn't find anything that seemed to be causing this problem.

Can anyone give me a idea of whats wrong with the configuration of this machine ?

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Old 04-24-2018
What do you mean by "someone configured "myuser" as default user after init"? What did "someone" do to make this configuration change?

How did you log into the system?

What output do you get from the command line:
who am I;ps

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Old 06-13-2018
Hi Don,

I discovered my problem was due to a highly customized prompt with csh shell.

 set prompt="`uname -n | cut -f1 -d"." `\\!`whoami`($GROUP,$NCID,$VIEW)@../$cwd:t[\!] "

Anyway, I answer your questions.

What do you mean by "someone configured "myuser" as default user after init"?
I am using two machines with Solaris. The other machine asks the user for credentials. But this machine does not.
And when it starts, it goes directly to myusers home directory. So I think "myuser" is the default user for this Solaris session.

What did "someone" do to make this configuration change?
I dont know who did it, if "someone" still works at this company (probably not), and which configuration file was edited.

How did you log into the system?
As I said - without credentials.

What output do you get from the command line:
who am I;ps

myuser pts/3 Jun 13 21:24 (unix: 0.0)
1324 pts/3 0:00 ps
845 pts/3 0:00 csh

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