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How i can backup data's to External Drive in Solaris 10/11?


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Old Unix and Linux 4 Weeks Ago   -   Original Discussion by sahkel
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Hammer & Screwdriver How i can backup data's to External Drive in Solaris 10/11?

Hello all,

I'm new member and it's a very important for me.

I need to backup data's from 3 server ( V880, M5000m and V490)
I dont have a chance to use NFS. So i need to backup to Usb External Drive, can you help me with this issue?

I dont have any experience about backup, but i need to do this work. So i kinly need your answers. And sorry for my English.

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Old Unix and Linux 4 Weeks Ago   -   Original Discussion by sahkel
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One primary concern about how to backup is whether the system has UFS or ZFS filesystems. You can research how to backup each on this forum and/or the web. Basically, the backup method is the same whether you are backing up over NFS, tape drive, USB drive, or whatever. You simply need to be able to specify a 'device' to write to.

Also, in the case of USB external disks, you need to know how to write a filesystem to the device and then mount it to make it available. Start by reading this thread here:

How to backup (create image) SunOS 5.10 sparc?

where I give advice on USB disk specifically. I also refer to a previous thread about backup in general. Follow those links too.
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