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Backing up root disks

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Old 02-13-2018
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Backing up root disks

Hi !

I wonder if in solaris 10 there is a utility similar to ignite in HP-UX that backup entire file systems (/, /usr, /var, /tmp, /home).
I have to backup only the root disk of a server, but ufsdump seem to be backing up individual file systems....only, am I correct?
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Old 02-13-2018
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Yes, that is correct. ufsdump backs up an entire filesystem. You should backup each filesystem individually which gives you flexibility if you had to restore the system to disk(s) of a different geometry. You have one dumpfile for each filesystem.

Note that, especially if you might expect to recover the system from ufsdump's, you should dump only snapshots created by fssnap. Otherwise your data could be inconsistent.
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