M5000 fails to boot

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Operating Systems Solaris M5000 fails to boot
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Old 11-29-2017
M5000 fails to boot

I have an m5000 that Is down.

I have access to XSCF>

and was able to get to the ok prompt.
However, on
>ok boot

it failed to boot.
erred with :

svc.startd[9]: svc:/system/device/fc-fabric:default: Method "/lib/svc/method/fc-fabric" failed due to signal KILL.
Nov 29 12:36:59 svc.startd[9]: svc:/system/device/fc-fabric:default: Method or service exit timed out.  Killing contract 42.
 (See /lib/svc/share/README for more information.)
Console login service(s) cannot run
 Root password for system maintenance (control-d to bypass): ^CLogin incorrect
 Root password for system maintenance (control-d to bypass): Requesting System Maintenance Mode

since I do not have the root passwd, I had to go back to

My plan is to get back to the ok prompt to run a
>ok boot -s

with out doing to much cfgadm commands, does anyone have an idea how I can get this to boot back up into multiuser mode?


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Old 11-29-2017
boot -s will enter S state (single user).
There I expect hitting Ctrl-D (or typing exit) to advance to the multi-user state.
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Old 11-29-2017
thank you, but has many errors, forcing me to boot into maintenance mode. I will run some commands to see what i can find,

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Old 11-30-2017
Do you have some install media that you can use to bring up an OS just in memory?

Something like:-
ok> boot cdrom -s

If you can get that running, then you can try to look at the devices you have available. Alternately, you might try something like:-
ok> probe-scsi

It has been a long time since I had a Sun Sparc to work with, so things may well have changed. You can get some basic help at the ok> prompt. This looks like a hardware issue, or perhaps it is trying to pick up SAN provided disk that has been de-configured.

Can you tell us a bit more about what you have and why you don't have a password for root. Some people choose to have is randomly set regularly, but you should include a secure place to store it should the need (like this) arise. We might be able to get you in if you have console access, install media and the correct disks available.

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