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Replace zpool with another disk

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Operating Systems Solaris Replace zpool with another disk
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Old 11-10-2017
Replace zpool with another disk

I had a zpool which was full

PHP Code:
pool_temp1   199G   197G  1.56G  99%  ONLINE  -
pool_temp2   199G   196G  3.09G  98%  ONLINE  
as you can see, full
so I replaced with a larger disk.

zpool replace pool_temp1 c3t600144F0FF8BA036000058CC1DB80008d0s0 c3t600144F0FF8BA03600005A04C89F0001d0

zpool replace pool_temp2 c3t600144F0FF8BA036000058CC1DCB0009d0s0  c3t600144F0FF8BA03600005A04C9800002d0

it resilvered fine, no errors, however in zpool status, I can see the new disk, yet it does not recognize the new size, and
when I try to
zpool set autoexpand=on pool_temp1

I get the expected error
cannot set property for pool : out of space.

how can I get the system to reconized the new size? devfsadm, reboot -r?
I backed up the data in the pool, so could I just empty the data then try set autoexpand=on again?

first time attempting this, so sorry for basic question.

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Old 11-10-2017
Are the pools now on 100% ?

You will not be able to set a property on zpool if that is the case, including autoexpand.
Are you able to delete old snapshots or data from those pools, then issue the command ?

Never have your pools above 90%, use zfs quota to limit the usage so you do not run in the same situation again.
Anything above 80% used space for databases and above 90ish% use space for static content is not recommended to have.

Hope that helps
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Old 11-10-2017
pool_temp1   199G   197G  1.56G  99%  ONLINE  -
pool_temp2   199G  20.9M   199G   0%  ONLINE  -
l.root > zpool set autoexpand=on pool_temp1
cannot set property for 'pool_temp1': out of space
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deleted data, now 99% free- but same result
do I have to destroy and recreate?

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for some reason I can not get it to see the new disk , the new disk slice is 500 gig, but it is still seeing the old one that is 200g. do i have to destroy and re create using the new disk? i just thought replacing would do the trick.

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