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Help with Script using awk


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Old Unix and Linux 09-08-2017   -   Original Discussion by dakelly
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Hi All,

Amazing what a wee nights sleep can do....

I found my issue was trying awk in the if statement, so changed it and amended it to what I need...

. . .
LIST=`ls -1 POM* 2>/dev/null`
. . .

for FILE in $LIST
    awk -F"," ' { if( NF > 14){ print FILENAME" line:> " NR }}' $FILE >> $OUTPUT

this work perfect for what I need it for...

Thanks for all your suggestions.


P.s. Yes still on Solaris 10 but moving to 11 later in the year.
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Old Unix and Linux 09-14-2017   -   Original Discussion by dakelly
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If you do not use $LIST elsewhere you can do

. . .
. . .

for FILE in POM*
    [ -f "$FILE" ] || continue
    awk -F"," '{ if (NF > 14) { print FILENAME" line:> " NR } }' "$FILE"
done > $OUTPUT

The whole output stream is redirected to $OUTPUT, this is more efficient than many times append it.
The globbing in the for requires a test to ensure presence, but the test also ensures that it's a real file (not a directory) which makes it more robust.
Have $FILE in quotes, or the shell attempts to expand it.
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