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Solaris 10 - password complexity not working

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 10 - password complexity not working
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Solaris 10 - password complexity not working

I have been trying to enable password complexity variables on Solaris 10 by editing the /etc/default/passwd file but none of my changes are taking effect (I'm still able to set passwords that violate the rules I am trying to implement).

I've tried an O/S reboot after the changes but that had no effect.

The variables I am trying to change/enabled within the /etc/default/passwd file:


Please help.
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Are your users local i.e. in the /etc/passwd file?
The /etc/default/passwd rules only apply to local users (who have UID!=0).
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Originally Posted by MadeInGermany
Are your users local i.e. in the /etc/passwd file?
The /etc/default/passwd rules only apply to local users (who have UID!=0).
The UIDs are in the 100-110 range and in the /etc/passwd file.
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Also, if root runs the passwd user command, the rules do not apply.
But they do apply if the user runs the passwd command.
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So what do you find that it still allows users to do that you wouldn't expect?

I cannot be sure that it's relevant but have a read of this thread:
Problems setting password.
from a long time ago and contributed to by myself, MadeInGermany, Don, Robin, and others.

It may help, maybe not.

Do note the comment on that thread saying "Seems that if you don't DEPRICATE the previous algorithm it continues to get used for password changes. Only new accounts set up use the new algorithm".

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That was the issue. I was su into the root account. Is there any way to force password complexity on the root user as well?
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I think you must patch your Solaris 10, then root is no longer exempted from the complexity rules.
man passwd on an old Solaris 10 says:
In the files case, super-users (for instance, real and
effective uid equal to 0, see id(1M) and su(1M)) can change
any password. Hence, passwd does not prompt privileged users
for the old password. Privileged users are not forced to
comply with password aging and password construction
requirements. A privileged user can create a null password
by entering a carriage return in response to the prompt for
a new password.
While a newer Solaris 10 says
The passwd command does not prompt authorized users for the
old password.
By default, even users authorized to change the password of
other users must comply with the configured password policy.
See pam_authtok_check(5).
This article suggests the change happened with Solaris 10 8/11.

BTW if you set the minimum password length to 8 then in fact you lower the security somewhat if you have CRYPT_DEFAULT=__unix__ in /etc/security/policy.conf because it always limits the maximum password length to 8.
So you should change it to CRYPT_DEFAULT=1 (1 or 2a or md5) to allow longer passwords! It also will create longer crypts in /etc/shadow, but can still understand the existing short Unix crypts.
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