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How to identify if disk is attached to SAN and assist in migration.?


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Old Unix and Linux 08-29-2017   -   Original Discussion by kpatel786
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Identify the new luns attached to hypervisor (echo | format ).
Label the new luns and partition them per your choosing or requirements via format command.

First, you assign new luns to hypervisors virtual disk service (vds).
In your case that is primary-vds0

ldm add-vdsdev /dev/rdsk/.... <name>@primary-vds0

Check the current configuration of virtual machine :

ldm list -l <name of virtual machine, returned from ldm list, not primary>

Then, add the disk to virtual machine (ldom), where id is optional, it will choose next number available if not specified.

ldm add-vdisk [id=N] <name> <name>@primary-vds0 <name of virtual machine>

After that, login to that virtual machine via telnet from hypervisor or network, check dmesg for devices created at the time, and format output.
If you specified the ID of of new disk(s), those will be (probably) c1d<ID>s2 in the LDOM or the next available number.
Either c1, c2.. depending on the devices present during initial install.

Work is now being done inside the virtual machine, you must determine which volume manager is used (vx, zfs, ufs ?).
continue by documentation regarding that subject taking into consideration that this is a clustered environment.
Probably the disks will need to be added to other members of the cluster.

This is not a trivial task, so test it first in some test environment, if you are unsure of the outcome.

Hope that helps
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