How to grow a zfs file system?

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Operating Systems Solaris How to grow a zfs file system?
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Old 03-07-2017
Originally Posted by gull04
The "replace" action migrates data to the new device from the damaged device or from other devices in the pool if it is in a redundant configuration.
But the oradata1 pool is not in a redundant configuration.

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Originally Posted by fretagi
Thanks Gull04!

I dont have access to NetApp cli, the NetApp admin does it for me, on my side (operating system wise) If I am going to replace current oradata1disk with newdisknamewould I not be destroying current data on oradata1?
You can't replace a non redundant disk.

Assuming you have proper backups, the simple way is to extend the size of the LUN. The data already stored on it won't be lost.
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Old 03-07-2017

There is an excellent guide on the oracle site here - - as I read it (but I've been known to be wrong). I can't really understand the logic of a single disk in a zpool, as there are no data replicas available that allow the benefits of zfs - you might as well use UFS at least you have more recovery tools.

Obviously the best approach would be to grow the original LUN or have the SAN admin people do this, then grow the FS into it. In any case you should ensure that you have a backup of the data before you start doing anything.



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Old 03-07-2017
Originally Posted by gull04
I can't really understand the logic of a single disk in a zpool, as there are no data replicas available that allow the benefits of zfs - you might as well use UFS at least you have more recovery tools.
A single disk pool is a poor practice, but unfortunately widespread when storage arrays are used. ZFS is still beneficial when using a single disk pool though.
  • There is double or triple redundancy in the metadata, that makes the file system resilient to moderate disk corruption.
  • You can also enable ditto blocks (copies) so data itself would recover from some disk blocks issues.
  • ZFS will immediately spot corrupted data or metadata while UFS will return corrupted data without notice and might panic the OS if metadata is corrupted.
  • Finally, telling you have more UFS recovering tools is questionable. With ZFS, you can recover from situations where UFS would be helpless.
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Old 03-08-2017
a couple of notes because I run this exact setup.

#1. I would never build a zpool without the following conditions being met.
a. multipathing on the netapp AND the solaris box being configured and working correctly.
#2. At a minium 2 luns in a zpool mirror, a raidZ would be better.

if these conditions are met, you'll probably never lose data. While it's all fine and good to say that Netapp handles the redundancy using huge aggregates, all that really does is buy you insulation from hard disk failure, not corruption or loss of connection. the zpool is likely in a degraded state due to loss of comms or poor network performance. Thus the multipathing suggestion.

to answer your specific question though, the way I have handled this in the past is to grow the lun and then just turn on autoexpand. that will grow the zpool to meet the new lun size.
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