SCP from one solaris box to another without copying links

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Operating Systems Solaris SCP from one solaris box to another without copying links
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Old 04-28-2006
SCP from one solaris box to another without copying links

I am doing a scp (directory)from one solaris box to another.The problem is that all links present in that directory also get copied .I do not want the links to get copied .currently I am using
following syntax

scp -rvp pcserver

I checked the man pages for scp ,but i am not able to find any option .

Please help me in this regard
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Old 05-03-2006
You could use the find command to find all files that are links and output them to a file. Then use tar (with exclude option using the file you created). Then scp the tar file and then go to the server and extract.
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