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Sun v215 Fan Speed

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Operating Systems Solaris Sun v215 Fan Speed
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Old 12-27-2016
Sun v215 Fan Speed

Hi all,

I made some calculations and it seems that fans are working more than they supposed to keep the internals at the specified values. Is there a way to adjust this ?

I have 2 approaches ;

-from ALOM sc|ok prompt
-from Solaris 10


-from a HW Switch

I am pretty sure that experienced users can provide some insight on this. The docs are just gone missing.
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Old 12-27-2016
The fans are controlled by the service processor due to the enviromental conditions. If something is of with the fans, a firmware update might help.

So updating the ALOM and OBP to latest level might solve your problems.
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Old 12-27-2016
Temperature is constant there is no operation but fans rpm vary. There must be some other control mechanism to adjust fan speed.
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Old 12-27-2016
Not to my knowledge... Have you tried to update all firmware to the latest versions? Also cleaning the server from inside might be a good idea.
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Old 12-27-2016
What is the safest way to achieve this task ?
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Old 12-27-2016
There is a disconnect here... Those boxes are EOL'ed - end of life. I believe you have a hardware issue or as DukeNuke indicated firmware changes are in order. I would look for replacement parts first.

You do understand EOL I'm sure. It is oracle's way of forcing you to pay huge support costs for reduced support, or buy new boxes. Oracle has forced the creation of a kid of cottage industry - old sun boxes and/or refurbished oldies.

One inexpensive workaround to deal with your issue:

Parts are available on off occasions. These boxes, complete, cost less less than most mid range desktops, so that route is your choice.

We had this problem with another different ancient box. We bought several old ones for parts, and those vendors had doc sets as part of the deal. We started with Ebay and then for yet another old Solaris box we switched to vendors like this one:

Buy Sun Fire V215 Server at Solarsystems.com starting at $560

The other choice: live with noisy fans until one fails.

If your box boots and has fmd running (i.e., it has Solaris 10) you can try the
fmadm faulty command as root. Hardware issues are reported there.
So you can at least locate a replacement part to see if that solves your problem.

Solaris 9, which is what those boxes shipped with, does not have fmadm, if I remember correctly. Sun offered Solaris 10 upgrades at no cost.
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