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Sun Ray Install 5.4.5 on Solaris 11.3

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Operating Systems Solaris Sun Ray Install 5.4.5 on Solaris 11.3
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Old 12-15-2016
Sun Sun Ray Install 5.4.5 on Solaris 11.3

I had an issue installing Sun Ray Server 5.4.5 on Solaris 11.3, and was unable to find an answer. However, I was able to noodle through it and got things running.

So, for the benefit of the few that might be interested, here are the issues regarding installation of Sun Ray Server 5.4.5 on Solaris 11.3.

Because Oracle hasn't kept up the Sun Ray server software, you need to install some older versions of JDK and Tomcat, so you will have to determine if you can live with those old versions.

  1. The Sun Ray server software needs 32 bit Java, so Java 8 (this ships with 11.3) won't work. You need to install the final 32 bit JDK 7 version in a separate directory (I used /usr/local/jdk7).
  2. The latest Tomcat version I got to work with Sun Ray Server was Tomcat 6. Any newer version won't work.
  3. Run "utsetup", you can take the defaults with the exception of the
    1. JDK location. Point it to your JDK 7 install from step (1) above.
    2. Tomcat location. Point it to your Tomcat 6 install

      At the very end of the utsetup process, utstart is called, and on my latest install it now fails (didn't on earlier installs, but they were at different Solaris 11 and patch levels). Not sure what the cause truly is, but the symptom is the following error message
      === Starting Sun Ray Software - utstart 
      /opt/SUNWut/lib/utstartimpl[489]: typeset: 65536 
      65536: arithmetic syntax error

My fix (ugly, but it works) was to replace the line (489) in /opt/SUNWut/lib/utstartimpl
  1. original line
    typeset -i Limit=$($PLimit $DbusPID | awk '/nofiles/{print $2}')

  2. new line
    typeset -i Limit=65536

The error in step (5) was due to typeset being called like this:
typeset -i LIMIT=65536 65536

For some reason the script code evaluated to two 65536 values, which typeset didn't like. For better or worse, hardcoding it in fixed things. I used an echo statement to print out what the line was trying to do, and since I saw it was trying to set the value to 65536, that is what I did.

At this point I ran utstop and then utstart and Sun Ray Server was up and running.

Hopefully this will help anybody still trying to use Sun Rays

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