How to define a port in solaris 8

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Operating Systems Solaris How to define a port in solaris 8
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How to define a port in solaris 8

Dear experts
I need to define a port with number 15291 in my solaris8 Workstation to be able to comunicate from my ps with an installed software on the workstation. How and where should I define this port in solaris8 workstation.
Very Best Regards
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Ports are defined in /etc/services. /etc/inetd.conf should have the whatever process you wanted running defined.

This is explained a bit in this thread
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Adding the port number and service name to your /etc/services
doesn't do a thing at all.
This file is merely there for services or programs that look it up
through the getserv* syscalls.
What you need is a program that would bind a listening socket
to that port.
Such programs are usually daemons, and are either running stand-alone
or for ease of implementation are started by super servers such as
inetd or xinetd.
If you have a client running on another workstation
you would need some server counterpart to install on your solaris box.
If you want to define your own port number for your service
you better refer to the
list of port numbers
from IANA in order to avoid clashes.
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Thanks a lot for your detail and informative replies
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