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Solaris Global/Zones patching

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris Global/Zones patching
# 8  
Old 11-09-2016
Thanks for stating it. Summarizing below, please confirm.

"Whole root Zone" - Normally patches can be applied at Zone or Global level. But some patches (kernel) has to be applied only at Global level.

"Sparse Zone" - Any patches have to be applied only at Global level.
# 9  
Old 11-09-2016
I wouldn't use "normally" but "most" instead. All patches are "normal".
Kernel is an example, there are many patches that aren't kernel patches but that nevertheless need to be applied to all zones, not only the global one as you state.
Your last statement is incorrect and contradict the first statement of my previous posting.
# 10  
Old 11-10-2016
Correcting my statement below.
For "Sparse Zone" type, all kind of patches have to be applied at Global and Zone level.
# 11  
Old 11-10-2016
Still incorrect

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