Install vendor (external) package on Solairs 11.#

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Operating Systems Solaris Install vendor (external) package on Solairs 11.#
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Old 09-16-2016
Install vendor (external) package on Solairs 11.#


How can I install a package on Solaris 11.# that is not part of the IPS repo? For example if I want to install vasclient.pgk on a Solaris 11 system? I have the .pkg files copied over to the system but the old pkgadd does not apply to solaris 11. package install don't work either. I removed my pkg publisher and tried to install the package right from the directory to no avail. I have 2 vendor packages I need to install - do I need to put them in a directory and create a repo for them? Any help is appreciated... new to Solaris 11..


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Old 09-17-2016
You can install an old style package with the pkgadd command.
pkgadd -d vasclnt.pkg

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