Connecting to SAN storage - whats need to be done ?

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Operating Systems Solaris Connecting to SAN storage - whats need to be done ?
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Old 12-15-2015
Connecting to SAN storage - whats need to be done ?

hi all,

I am on solaris 10 1/13 and new to SAN storage.

I am required to connect to the LUNs on the SAN storage and is asked to provide the WWN information to the storage administrator.

Right now, it will be just 1 connection from a single hba port to the FCport on the storage directly, there are no FC switches or multiconnections in between.

Is configuration required on my side as simple as using "fcinfo" to provide the WWNs, check if the links are okay and "cfgadm" to check if the LUNs are available before proceeding with the format/label and stuff etc. ?

Is there anything/configurations/command to issue on the OS side to "trigger" a connection to the SAN storage or further configurations needed ? (there is no multipath required, just a single fc connection to the storage)

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Old 12-15-2015
The usual issue with connecting new storage, local disk or SAN LUN, is that the local OS doesn't know about it because there is no device node in /dev/rdsk and /dev/dsk for 'format' to get hold of. These need to be created.

Read this thread:
Are these SAN LUNs really not mounted?

and read my posts. Particularly, follow the link I posted on this thread to the other thread and read post#13 as I indicate.

Once created the new device nodes should be easily identified due to the length of their naming.
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