Ldom problem

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Operating Systems Solaris Ldom problem
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Ldom problem

Hi People,
I have been trying to learn solaris ldoms, have created one on a T2000 and get the following error when try to install it off DVD

WARNING: /virtual-devices@100/channel-devices@200/disk@1: Communication error with Virtual Disk Server using Port 0. Retrying

If anyone could help with this it would be appreciated


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can you send the output of

ldm list -l

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Hi os2mac

attached the output of ldm list -l



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so are you getting an open boot prompt or is it going straight to disk 0 and trying to boot?
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I get the OBP and then when I try to boot off cd (with or without a DVD in the drive) I get the error.

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Are you sure you are using cdrom image ?
From the output i see
cdrom                                          /dev/dsk/c1t0d0s2

What you need is and iso image copied somewhere on the hypervisor.
Example :
Stop the ldom
ldm stop yourldom
ldm add-vdsdev /mypath/sol-11.iso dvd-iso@primary-vds0
ldm add-vdisk dvd-iso dvd-iso@primary-vds0 yourLDOM

Set the ldom not to autoboot (i see it will not from ldm list -l output)
If not run
ldm set-var auto-boot?=false yourLDOM

Start the ldom and telnet to its console.
On OBP run:

Notice the dvd-iso from output.
Issue :
boot dvd-iso

Proceed with installation.

Hope that helps
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Thanks Peasant, was trying to lead him to water.
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