Delegate zpool export

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Operating Systems Solaris Delegate zpool export
# 1  
Delegate zpool export

I have a role.

lets call it "Oracle Backup"

that role has the following profiles:
oraback@devl0:~$ profiles
Oracle Backup
ZFS File System Management
ZFS Storage Management
Basic Solaris User

but when I try to export a zpool:
oraback@devl0:~$ zpool export db_tmp
cannot export 'db_tmp': permission denied

what gives?
# 2  
To find out which privileges are required for a program on Solaris OS the command is
ppriv -eD zpool export db_tmp

Also truss can be handy.
Using Privileges (Tasks) - Oracle Solaris Administration: Security Services

# 3  
yup did that.... only response was ioctl.
# 4  
As root:

zfs allow user mount db_tmp
usermod -K defaultpriv=basic,sys_config user

zpool export command should now work for db_tmp.

Please note a sys_config privilege, it is a monster, you might want to be careful in giving that.

Why give users ability to export zpools ?
Rather delegate ZFS filesystems permissions, without modifying users privileges...
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