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OSI 9.0 Installation some question

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Operating Systems Solaris OSI 9.0 Installation some question
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Old 03-13-2006
Network OSI 9.0 Installation some question


I get the folloing message if i try to start the osinet deamon:
# /etc/rc2.d/S90osinet start
starting osi daemonunable to unload all the osi modules
some OSI applications may be running

unable to start OSI daemon

Has anyone an idea what is going wrong?
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Old 03-13-2006
From sunsolve:

An error pop-up displays ERROR: UNABLE TO UNLOAD THE OSI DRIVER (oopi)

If the OSI driver has been running and other applications such as FTAM,
X.400, or a customer written applications that has either pending or open
connections to other destinations, the OSI stack is not able to close and
unload the driver.


Stop all other OSI related applications. To find out which application is
causing a problem, issue the command ps -ef | grep osi at the command prompt
in the console. This will display the OSI stack processes along with any
other Sun related OSI applications.

Be sure to perform an orderly shutdown of each application and the OSI stack
as specified in the OSI manual. Using the UNIX kill command on these
processes may cause undesirable results and corrupt files.
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