Solaris Printing Issue

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris Printing Issue
# 1  
Solaris Printing Issue

Message from lp on sunnyD (???) [ Mon May 18 10:31:08 ] ...
Subject: Problem with printer (name)

The printer (name) has stopped printing for the reason given below.
Fix the problem and bring the printer back on line
to resume printing.

The reason(s) it stopped (multiple reasons indicate repeated attempts):

Printer not responding;Either warming up or needs attention<EOT>

Why in the world do I keep getting this print error? Solaris 10 to a Windows Print server.

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# 2  
I think you need to tell us a bit more about how you configured it and command being used to print, etc.
# 3  
There is something queued to a printer that is not responding. Each time the print queue tries to deliver it, you get this response.

It may be that the queue is automatically enabled periodically, hence you get the repeated failure.

What does the output of lpstat with various flags give you? Refer to the manual pages for the appropriate flags for your server, as they vary from supplier to supplier and between versions and you don't say which version of Solaris you are using.

Please post all code, files, input & output/errors in CODE tags (edit your last post to see what I have added for you)

It makes it far easier to read and preserves multiple spaces for indentation or fixed-width data.

So something like this:-
[CODE]Here is a long space . . . . . . .before the rest.[/CODE]
....looks like this:-
Here is a long space          before the rest.

.... instead of this:-
Here is a long space before the rest.

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