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Old 04-23-2015
Branded zone Solaris 9


I want to install branded zone sol 9 in sol 10. I keep getting same error. Please advice me.

Branded zone Solaris 9-pic48png
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Old 04-23-2015
Can't really see that image (attachment) very well. Can you please cut & paste the error to a post.

There should be no problems putting a legacy (branded) Solaris 9 zone on Solaris 10.
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Old 04-23-2015
How to make under zoned on?
Branded zone Solaris 9-pic49png
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Old 04-23-2015
I want to create a zones with capacity 300G. Any guide or tutorial?
Can follow this tutorial?
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Old 04-23-2015
You'd do better to follow guidance direct from Oracle:-
About Oracle Solaris 9 Branded Zones - System Administration Guide: Oracle Solaris 9 Containers

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Having said that, the tutorial that you posted the link to looks pretty good too.
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Old 04-24-2015
This is error:


I already follow from the link. Come out with above error.

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I get same error even i create another branded zone with different zonepath:
[Friday, 2015 April 24 12:16:52 MYT] running: p2v  -u s9-s9zone
[Friday, 2015 April 24 12:16:52 MYT]    Postprocess: Gathering information about zone s9-s9zone
[Friday, 2015 April 24 12:16:52 MYT]    Postprocess: Creating mount points
touch: cannot create /export/home/sparc/root/etc/mnttab: No such file or directory
chmod: WARNING: can't access /export/home/sparc/root/etc/mnttab
[Friday, 2015 April 24 12:16:52 MYT]    Postprocess: Processing /etc/system
cp: cannot access /export/home/sparc/root/etc/system
[Friday, 2015 April 24 12:16:52 MYT]         Result: Postprocessing failed.
[Friday, 2015 April 24 12:16:52 MYT]

bash-3.2# zonecfg -z s9-s9zone info
zonename: s9-s9zone
zonepath: /export/home/sparc
brand: solaris9
autoboot: true
ip-type: shared
        physical: igb1
        defrouter not specified

Any idea what i miss?
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Old 04-24-2015
It is an access rights issue. p2v cannot create the required directory tree before populating it with the migrating data.

Check out the access rights on the mount point. Open the rights up, at least whilst executing p2v.

What user account are you running under???? (root or sudo would be best to circumvent access rights issues)
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