T3-2 and Solaris 10 Problem

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Operating Systems Solaris T3-2 and Solaris 10 Problem
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T3-2 and Solaris 10 Problem

Hi Guys,
I got a unique (and wierd) problem with trying to install Solaris 10 off of a DVD on a T3-2. You boot cdrom, it goes through the questions and then when it comes to ask you if you want to install using nfs or dvd if you pick dvd it comes up with an error - ERROR: The disc you inserted is not a Solaris OS CD/DVD. then halts

Wierdly you can install Solaris 11.1 or Solaris 11.2 (one is CD, one is DVD). You can also install 10 using a flash archive via NFS.

Tried releases of 10, 9/10, 8/11 and 1/13

Any insights into why it does this would be gratefully received.

Thanks in advance

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I don't suppose the system in question has more than one optical drive?
# 3  
Or to follow up on Corona's point: can you use that DVD to install elsewhere?

Trying to rule out:
It is either a problem with the DVD or the hardware (or device firmware)
# 4  
Do you use a hardware RAID on your system? Is the latest ILOM update installed?
# 5  
Hi guys,
In answer to your questions, just the one DVD drive in the machine and the install media installs fine on a T4-2.

It's running OBP version 4.34.6.a and ILOM


# 6  
Can you please elaborate on what you mean by "then halts".

How does it "halt"? What happens?
# 7  
This could be a firmware level issue. I had an AIX server that would refuse in a similar way because the firmware didn't recognise enough of the boot loader on the optical media.

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