How to install Solaris 10?

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Operating Systems Solaris How to install Solaris 10?
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How to install Solaris 10?


I downloaded Solaris 10 SPARC to install it on a test computer. I've burned the .iso-file on a DVD and I think its bootable (look @ screen). But when I boot my computer it only starts my windows and not the setup of Solaris. Is there any I have to consider burning the iso file on a DVD?

Thanks a lot!
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There are two possibilities here:

1. There is something wrong with the DVD you burned and the machine is looking at it but it's not bootable, or
2. The BIOS of the machine is configured to boot from the hard drive so doesn't even look at the DVD.

Also, if you have another OS on the hard drive do you have unallocated space to put Solaris? Otherwise you could overwrite your existing OS.
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Solaris SPARC won't run on a x86 machine. You have to download the x86 version of solaris!
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@DukeNuke2......I completely missed seeing the SPARC in the OP post! So glad somebody is awake! Thanks.

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Always better if you had coffee before reading the stuff... I just had an amazing one in the sun Smilie
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Okay thanks!

That means I have no chance to install the SPARC Solaris on a x86 or x64 computer?
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you can install sparc solaris in qemu.
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