Magic number error

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Operating Systems Solaris Magic number error
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Magic number error

hi . my " /usr " was full ,so i went into the failsafe mode in solaris 10 and used format utilily to adjust space for it and labeled it. But after that whenever i try to boot solaris normally ,it is giving "magic number error"
I tried
 fsck -o b=32 /dev/dsk/c0d0s6 (for /usr) 
 newfs -N /dev/dsk/c0d0s6

but backup superblocks are not dispalying ,what to do ...any help pls ?

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I'm afraid you overwrote critical system data during your failed resizing attempt.

Unless you know exactly what was your partition table and label like before the change, your best bet is probably to reinstall the OS then restore your data from backup.
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ouch. I'd try TestDisk: TestDisk - Partition Recovery and File Undelete
its free, dunno if it supports sparc.
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But i had adjusted the cylinders properly , so can u pls tell what wud have went wrong
as im in middle of my solaris learning
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Originally Posted by tushardul
But i had adjusted the cylinders properly
If you had resized the file system properly, you wouldn't be asking for help here.
so can u pls tell what wud have went wrong
It's hard to tell without precisely knowing what you did.
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Originally Posted by tushardul
But i had adjusted the cylinders properly , so can u pls tell what wud have went wrong
as im in middle of my solaris learning
you should have made a backup of old label.
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ok thanks...i will try it outSmilie
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