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Check for existence of crash on Solaris 10

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Operating Systems Solaris Check for existence of crash on Solaris 10
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Old 01-25-2015
Check for existence of crash on Solaris 10

Hey all

what is the command to check "Check for existence of crash/coredump files in /var/crash/"hostname" directory"

thanks for help
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Old 01-26-2015
ls -l /var/crash/"`hostname`"

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Old 01-26-2015
thank you don cragun

is the output only total crash ?
abcde {root} # ls -l /var/crash/"abcde"  
total 0

am i right?

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Old 01-26-2015
You asked what is the command to check "Check for existence of crash/coredump files in /var/crash/"hostname" directory"?

If the hostname of your system is abcde, then the command to list the files in the directory /var/crash/abcde in long format is indeed:
ls -l /var/crash/abcde

which will produce the same output as the command:
ls -l /var/crash/"abcde"

If these commands just report:
total 0

then there are no files present in that directory.
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Old 01-26-2015
thank you don cragun

your answer is very clear and helpfull
it's very easy to understand

sorry i'm newby with this OS Smilie

thankyou very much don

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