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Patching on Raid 0 Disk

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Operating Systems Solaris Patching on Raid 0 Disk
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Old 01-21-2015
Patching on Raid 0 Disk

Dear All ,

We need to do patching on one Solaris Server , where we have raid 0 configured.

What is the process to patch a Server if RAID 0 (Concat/Stripe) is there.

Below is the sample output.

# metadb
        flags           first blk       block count
     a m  pc luo        16              8192            /dev/dsk/c1t3d0s7
     a    pc luo        8208            8192            /dev/dsk/c1t3d0s7
# metastat
d10: Concat/Stripe
    Size: 1170211752 blocks (558 GB)
    Stripe 0:
        Device     Start Block  Dbase   Reloc
        c1t3d0s0          0     No      Yes

Device Relocation Information:
Device   Reloc  Device ID
c1t3d0   Yes    id1,sd@n5000cca02508fb34

Thanks in Advance,
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Old 01-21-2015
Patching has little to none influence on RAID.
Since this is RAID 0, it offers no protection from data loss due to failure of drive.

Take backup or snapshot depending on the filesystem in question, then proceed with patching.

This has been discussed in your other topic, in which folks explained you don't need to break mirrors to patch the operating system.
Yet you insist in this topic with similar questions.

Process to patch is to download the patches and read the release notes / documentation for specified patch(es) and apply same per documentation.
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