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Multipath address configuration in Solaris 10.

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Facebook Multipath address configuration in Solaris 10.

Hi all,

I'm wondering if anyone knows whether Solaris IPMP can be configured such that the IPs of the physical NICs are not available to applications when using IP4 or if the group address and the underlying physical address are always present?

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If you are refering to probe based failure detection using test addresses defined on under interface (net0,1,x..) in the same subnet as ipmp interface above, then the answer is that those IP addresses will be accessible, but should not be used for regular traffic.

Those test interfaces will constantly probe the default gateway and make a failover in case it doesn't respond. You can check that with ipmpstat

As for Solaris 11, you can use transitive probing which eliminates the need for test address definition.

Hope that helps
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Originally Posted by MadeInGermany
You can hide IPs with the 'deprecated' flag.
man ifconfig

That won't stop applications from binding to the IP address explicitly and sending packets via the deprecated IP, though it may be sufficient for the OP's purposes.

I thought the test IP for Solaris IPMP was already marked deprecated but I've been known to be wrong... Smilie

If there's some requirement to absolutely prevent applications from using the IP address, Trusted Solaris Extensions should work.
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