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Jumpstart and Linux NFS

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Operating Systems Solaris Jumpstart and Linux NFS
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Jumpstart and Linux NFS[SOLVED]

A simple question about nfs and jumpstart
,i setup server (all on linux)
tftp ok # boot and reach menu grub,and start
nfs not ok
i did


and on solaris i put config with sysidcfg,profile,etc
When solaris boot from net it ask for configuration(so is ignoring profile and sysidcfg)because doesn't mount the resource.

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I set up new profile sysidcfg,etc
and now solaris works perfect but only on solaris server
if i use linux it works,get rules,profile but exit with this error

 "impossible to  load /cdrom"

i use on export nfs


Solution found.
Using nfs4 with those settings


and must important,cdrom is mounted instead of copied

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You need an export for each local file system.
You need the 3 exports if
df /export /export/solaris /export/jumpstart

shows 3 different file systems.
In case there are common file systems, it's enough to export the common file system with the shortest path - its sub-directories are mountable, too.
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