Solaris 10 p2v migration issue

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris 10 p2v migration issue
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Old 10-30-2014
Solaris 10 p2v migration issue

Hi All,

We need to move Physical Solaris 10 system to Virtual Solaris 10(p2v). Both the servers having Solaris 10(Generic_147440-25) means physical server which we are going to move is having Solaris 10 and this physical server will be converted as a virtualserver on another physical server having Solaris 10 and same kernel version.

We are following below link

Now our question is as per our above mentioned link we need to install SUNWs8brandk package if we are doing migration from Solaris 8 SPARC to a Solaris 8 local zone running on a Solaris 10 global zone.

But in our case both the source(which become physical to virtual) and destination servers are running with Solaris 10 with same verision of kernel patch. Do we need to install any below mentioned brand packages


Or do we need to install any other packages before p2v migration .Please confirm.


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Old 10-30-2014

Just for clarification and to see if I have things correct;

You are running Solaris 8 branded containers in a Solaris 10 Global which resides on a physical machine (could you say what it is?). You wish to virtualise this on an other machine thus making the Solaris 8 Branded containers virtualised inside a virtual machine?

I may have picked this up wrong - so just asking for some clarification - normally you would install all the Brand packages only in a global, not sure how they would perform otherwise.



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Old 10-30-2014
I'm asking the same question as gull04 but perhaps in a different way:

Q: Will you have Solaris 8 or Solaris 9 running ANYWHERE in your final environment? If yes, please explain. Or will everything be Solaris 10?
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Old 10-31-2014
I will explain in simpler manner. Well host1 is physical machine (having solaris 10/Generic_147440-25) which will be moved as a zone on host2 (having solaris 10/Generic_147440-25). I would like to know do I have to follow above mention link except installing below mention packages or do I have to install any special packeges about which I should know or if any other thing is require the please kindly let me know

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Old 10-31-2014
So it sounds like the answer to my question is 'no'. You do not have any Solaris 8 or 9 in the configuration.

Those packages are needed if you want to run Solaris 8 and/or Solaris 9 as a virtual machine under a Solaris 10 Global Zone.

If you don't need to run Solaris 8/9 as a virtual machine then you don't need those packages; 8brand or 9brand.
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Old 10-31-2014

As hicksd8 said, you'll only need the brand packages if you are deploying Solaris 8 ot 9 branded containers - so in your case you won't need the packages.


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Old 11-03-2014
Hi Hicksd8/gull04,

Thanks for your reply & clearing my doubts. Just for more clearity, please also let me know whether I can use above mention link (process/steps mention in the link without installing above mention 4 packages) for moving solaris 10 (physical) on host1 to virtual on host2 running solaris 10.

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