Solaris scripting problem with ksh88

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Operating Systems Solaris Solaris scripting problem with ksh88
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Old 09-10-2014
Might I also suggest that using @ & # is a bad idea. Some operating systems and perhaps applications do not accept these characters all the time. HP-UX, for one, treats the @ as an end-of-field and therefore the password is truncated at that point.

I'm not sure what Solaris may do at various versions, or what your application may do if you are passing this password into that instead.

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Old 09-15-2014
Originally Posted by gfroute
It works properly if I run the commands manually or if I put the commands in a file:

If I add "#!/bin/ksh" at the beginning of my script, I get this error:
./test.ksh[5]: ++I < 10: bad number

Here's the inside of the script
unset I
while ((++I < $PWLEN)); do echo $((RANDOM%${#MATRICE})); done

ksh88 does not have the full implementation of (( )).
You can rewrite the bash-3/ksh93 style
I=0; while ((++I < PWLEN)); do echo $I; done

like this
I=1; while ((I < PWLEN)); do echo $I; ((I=I+1)); done

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Originally Posted by gfroute

I want to pick a random element from a list, and created these 2 lines, which work very well in ksh93. Unfortunately, I get this "bad substitution" message in ksh88.

I'm wondering if there's an equivalent to the second line of my script.. or if I have to install ksh93 to make this work.

Here are my lines:



Thanks in advance
A straight translation:
PASSWD=`expr "$MATRICE" : ".\{$(($RANDOM%${#MATRICE}))\}\(.\)"`

Expert question: why can the ` ` not be a $(( ))?
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