How to change the date automatically on script?

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Operating Systems Solaris How to change the date automatically on script?
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That's not an issue, or we can use > also.

I need only the log file date should get update automatically without any manual interruption.

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We agree you want to use the current date in your command line, not changing the actual file name in order to use grep...

What is your OS and what shell are you using?
cron by default uses bourne shell...
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Thanks for the confirmation.
It will work, tee wont affect the cron, its working for last few days and receiving attached file by mail regularly.
For this date issue, i can answer tomorrow only, i need to check the log mail to confirm the date update.

Thanks vbe...

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$uname -a
SunOS 5.10 Generic_141414-09 sun4u sparc SUNW,Sun-Fire-V245

$echo $SHELL

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Thanks guys,

My issue is solved now.

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