Validate mountpoints on solaris server after server reboot

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Operating Systems Solaris Validate mountpoints on solaris server after server reboot
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Validate mountpoints on solaris server after server reboot

anyone please let us know how to write shell script to find the missing mountpoints after server reboot.
i want to take the mountpount information before server reboot, and validate the mountpoints after server reboot if any missing.please let us know the shell script from begining to end as i don't have knowledge on scripting.

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Hi VenkatReddy786,

Welcome to forum, please use code tags for any commands or codes. you can go through once with all forum rules. Also let me give you some basic ideas here for same and please try it by yourself and let us know if you face any issues with what you would have tried so far.

i- you can make a script for checking mount points by using df command check them before and after activity and compare them after activity they should be same as before activity.

ii- To ake a permanent solution, you can check fstab file in /etc/fstab in case of bash, make sure here mount points are not soft. Meaning if they are mentoned as soft mount points they will not come up after reboot. This should be permanent fix for the issue.

EDIT: In case of solaris it should be /etc/vfstab.

kindly try out the steps and let us know if you face any issues.

R. Singh

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Hi Venkst & Ravinder,

Please note that on Solaris there is not an

It is in fact;
root@ekbvsollic01:~# cat /etc/vfstab
#device         device          mount           FS      fsck    mount   mount
#to mount       to fsck         point           type    pass    at boot options
/devices        -               /devices        devfs   -       no      -
/proc           -               /proc           proc    -       no      -
ctfs            -               /system/contract ctfs   -       no      -
objfs           -               /system/object  objfs   -       no      -
sharefs         -               /etc/dfs/sharetab       sharefs -       no      -
fd              -               /dev/fd         fd      -       no      -
swap            -               /tmp            tmpfs   -       yes     -

/dev/zvol/dsk/rpool/swap        -               -               swap    -       no      -

You can glean a great deal of additional information from the mount tab.
root@ekbvsollic01:~# cat /etc/mnttab
rpool/ROOT/solaris      /       zfs     dev=4490002     0
/devices        /devices        devfs   dev=8540000     1405604525
/dev    /dev    dev     dev=8580000     1405604525
ctfs    /system/contract        ctfs    dev=8640001     1405604525
proc    /proc   proc    dev=85c0000     1405604525
mnttab  /etc/mnttab     mntfs   dev=8680001     1405604525
swap    /system/volatile        tmpfs   xattr,dev=86c0001       1405604525
objfs   /system/object  objfs   dev=8700001     1405604525
sharefs /etc/dfs/sharetab       sharefs dev=8740001     1405604525
/usr/lib/libc/  /lib/  lofs    dev=4490002     1405604533
fd      /dev/fd fd      rw,dev=8840001  1405604535
rpool/ROOT/solaris/var  /var    zfs     rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,rstchown,xattr,atime,dev=4490003        1405604535
swap    /tmp    tmpfs   xattr,dev=86c0002       1405604535
rpool/VARSHARE  /var/share      zfs     rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,rstchown,xattr,atime,dev=4490004        1405604536
rpool/data      /data/dataarch  zfs     rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,rstchown,xattr,atime,dev=4490005        1405604541
rpool/export    /export zfs     rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,rstchown,xattr,atime,dev=4490006        1405604541
rpool/export/home       /export/home    zfs     rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,rstchown,xattr,atime,dev=4490007        1405604541
rpool   /rpool  zfs     rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,rstchown,xattr,atime,dev=4490008        1405604541
rpool/space     /space  zfs     rw,devices,setuid,nonbmand,exec,rstchown,xattr,atime,dev=4490009        1405604541
-hosts  /net    autofs  nosuid,indirect,ignore,nobrowse,dev=8900001     1405604546
auto_home       /home   autofs  indirect,ignore,nobrowse,dev=8900002    1405604546
-fedfs  /nfs4   autofs  ro,nosuid,indirect,ignore,nobrowse,dev=8900003  1405604546
/dev/dsk/c7t0d0s2       /media/SOL_10_113_X86   hsfs    ro,nosuid,noglobal,maplcase,rr,traildot,dev=3380042     1405604546



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Hi Ravinder Singh
Thanks for prompt responce. I know how to check manually with df command, but i want to validate with shell scripting. I am at basic level. Coould you please help on how to write shell script for this.
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Hi Venkst & Ravinder,

Please note that on Solaris there is not an


It is in fact;



Hello Dave,

I had immediately edited the same in my post.

R. Singh
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Hi Guys,

Check the post again as I have subsequently updated with more information.

# 7  
Hi Dave,Ravinder Singh,

I want to place the shell script on server to validate the mountpoints.i want shell script for this.It would be more helpfull if you guys provide the script.

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