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Sol 10 PAM config - how to assign modules to specific users

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Operating Systems Solaris Sol 10 PAM config - how to assign modules to specific users
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Old 08-19-2014
Sol 10 PAM config - how to assign modules to specific users

Hi, was after some help for the following. I want to enforce local passwd authentication for service accounts and kerberos authentication for users.

Solaris 11 lets me assign different PAM modules to specific users via usermod and linux lets me define via UID, but I can't find a way to do this in Solaris 10.
Is there way?

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PAM_CHAUTHTOK(3)						 Linux-PAM Manual						  PAM_CHAUTHTOK(3)

pam_chauthtok - updating authentication tokens SYNOPSIS
#include <security/pam_appl.h> int pam_chauthtok(pam_handle_t *pamh, int flags); DESCRIPTION
The pam_chauthtok function is used to change the authentication token for a given user (as indicated by the state associated with the handle pamh). The pamh argument is an authentication handle obtained by a prior call to pam_start(). The flags argument is the binary or of zero or more of the following values: PAM_SILENT Do not emit any messages. PAM_CHANGE_EXPIRED_AUTHTOK This argument indicates to the modules that the users authentication token (password) should only be changed if it has expired. If this argument is not passed, the application requires that all authentication tokens are to be changed. RETURN VALUES
PAM_AUTHTOK_ERR A module was unable to obtain the new authentication token. PAM_AUTHTOK_RECOVERY_ERR A module was unable to obtain the old authentication token. PAM_AUTHTOK_LOCK_BUSY One or more of the modules was unable to change the authentication token since it is currently locked. PAM_AUTHTOK_DISABLE_AGING Authentication token aging has been disabled for at least one of the modules. PAM_PERM_DENIED Permission denied. PAM_SUCCESS The authentication token was successfully updated. PAM_TRY_AGAIN Not all of the modules were in a position to update the authentication token(s). In such a case none of the user's authentication tokens are updated. PAM_USER_UNKNOWN User unknown to password service. SEE ALSO
pam_start(3), pam_authenticate(3), pam_setcred(3), pam_get_item(3), pam_strerror(3), pam(7) Linux-PAM Manual 06/04/2011 PAM_CHAUTHTOK(3)

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