Server login verification

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Operating Systems Solaris Server login verification
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Server login verification

Hi ,

How to ensure the server i logged in OS cluster ?
Is there any command to verify that ?

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What do you mean by "logged in OS cluster"?

You've posted to the Solaris forum so your OS is Solaris (I hope) but what cluster suite is installed?

The cluster software installed on each member of a cluster makes the node cluster aware. When it boots it looks for one or more of the other members to see whether they are up or not.

Depending on the cluster suite being used there will be a command to display the cluster state; which nodes are running and which are not.

More information on your configuration please.

For the cluster suites I have used, logging on is not an expression that I would use. There is normally no login process, a node is either configured as a cluster member or it's not.

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Hi ,
Thanks for your reply.

say for example i have been given one server and ask me to check whether it is OS cluster or not ?

How to find that?

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Assuming that this is for a telnet or SSH login to the Operating System, I suppose you could look in a few ways. The hostname command might be a start.

Alternatively, I presume that the cluster has a service IP address that everything uses and if one node becomes unavailable then the IP address is transferred, however there is also very likely one or more private IP addresses on each host that you don't publish. Which did you connect to? It is possible (but not so wise) to leave these private/boot IP addresses un-routable from the main network.

Is this a load balanced server in some way? The above will still apply.

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Here's the link to a Solaris Cluster 'cheat-sheet'.

Sun Cluster 3.2 - Cheat Sheet

Try some of these commands especially those that display status.

If the commands are not found or give no output then the node is probably not in a cluster (and never has been in a cluster).

However, as per my previous post, what cluster suite are you running? If it's not Sun (Oracle) suite then all of the above may be irrelevant.

What cluster software are you expecting to be installed?
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Thanks Hick.

Your information was worth to me.

scstat -- from where this 'scstat' command should be run ? i mean under which directory and OS user ?


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