T4-2 OBP problem

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Operating Systems Solaris T4-2 OBP problem
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T4-2 OBP problem

Hi can anyone help me

Got a T4-2, when I try to save any enviroment varaible at the OBP for instance auto-boot false or output-device screen I get the error:

Warning: Error storing configuration. No space left, check SP and other logs.

Cleared the SP logs (well only ones I could find) did set /SP/logs/event clear=true, said yes and even reset the SP, still the above error.

If anyone could help that would be great

Thanks in advance


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Are you on latest firmware for the T4-2? If not, please update and try again.
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I suppose you have access to the ILOM (based on the command above) so please post the output of :

faultmgmtsp> fmadm faulty

show faulty

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Hi Duke,
Put latest firmware on and still the same.

Hi dilibau

fmadm faulty output - No faults Found

show faulty - Also no faults.

Anymore ideas?

There are a few log entries when you run show /SP/logs/event/list (188 of them)

Does anyone know how to clear these??



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Login to the ILOM with a webbrowser and check the logs. You can clear the logs from there, also!
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