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ALOM hang

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Operating Systems Solaris ALOM hang
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Old 04-03-2014
ALOM hang

Hi guys,

I'm new with solaris.
I just received sunfire T2000 server.

ALOM keep hang/stuck/jammed.

Steps do before it hang :

1. Connect to T2000 (using RJ45 - DB9 cable)
2. Open putty, connect via serial.
3. Power on the server.
4. Its loading.
5. then, hang.

troubleshoot :
1. POWER cycle multiple times.

ALOM Build Release: 001
Reset register: f0000000 EHRS ESRS LLRS SWRS


Dual Port Memory Test, PASSED.

TTY External - Internal Loopback Test
TTY External - Internal Loopback Test, PASSED.

TTYC - Internal Loopback Test
TTYC - Internal Loopback Test, PASSED.

TTYD - Internal Loopback Test
TTYD - Internal Loopback Test, PASSED.

Memory Data Lines Test
Memory Data Lines Test, PASSED.

Memory Address Lines Test
  Slide address bits to test open address lines
  Test for sho <<<< ----- STUCK HERE!!

Kindly please help . Smilie

Thank you!
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Old 04-03-2014
Can you eliminate Putty by trying a different emulator eg, HyperTerminal.

Also, are you using a proper Sun cable?

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