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Operating Systems Solaris Update OpenBoot Prom from CD
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Old 02-24-2014
Okay so i got the new drive and installed Solaris 10 no problem.

The only issue is now is, while i was waiting for the new drive i setup the rsc in the machine and now i cant seen to get the gfxi card to have any video

Ive tried resting the ptom by setting "set-defaults" but i still cant seem to get video. I got curious and wanted to make sure maybe the install wasn't text only, so when i run the setup cd i no longer get the gui install just the screen turns into a txt console

When solaris boots the screen just shows random fuzz

Any ideas what to do?, i was messing around with the input-device and output-device settings
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Old 02-24-2014
I think


will direct output to the graphics card.

Suggest that you read this thread:

ALOM - Console - | Unix Linux Forums | Solaris
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Old 02-27-2014
okay got that to work and finally got Solaris installed.

Now i have a general unix question, in the root account when i open the terminal i get a pound sign #

But when i login into an account that i create with useradd -d /export/home/user -m user

i only get the $ instead is it only posible to get the # with the root account??
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Old 02-27-2014
Yep, that's exactly right. The # prompt reminds you that you are root; whether you logged in as root or su'd up to root.

Other users get the $ prompt.

You can modify your prompt to 'root@<nodename>' which is even better for reminding you what rights you have.

Many administrators spend their time switching between accounts, and/or su'ing to root to do specific tasks.

On most flavors of Unix/Linux the root user by-passes ALL security so one mistake as root can blow up the system whereas other users will get caught by security if the try to do something stupid.

The # reminds you that you are root (ie, god) and anything you say goes; no questions asked; literally!!!!

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If you're a sysadmin with multiple systems on your network setting a prompt of 'root@<nodename>' also reminds you which system you are on as you move about your different systems.
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Old 02-28-2014
ok thank you for clarifying that, is there any way i can get to # when im not in the root account

or even make the other account have root access so it says # and then turn the root account into a role or descriptor rather than a accoutn

Also I set up vnc using the built in SUNWXvnc but when I connect all I get is grey dotted screen with an x, but no log on prompt I looked a bit at gdm.conf to see if I could find anything but I couldn't Any tips?

And also i am familiar with adding a pkg file using the pkgadd command
However how do I add a package when it comes in the pkginfo & pgmap files Thanks

Sorry for all the beginner questions
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Old 03-01-2014
On Solaris 11 root is a role by default. That means that you login as a different user and you can only get to root access by using 'su' or using 'sudo' to execute a command as root. See the man pages for both of those.

If you want to make root a normal login-able account you need to convert root from a role to a normal account with:

# rolemod -K type=normal root

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Old 03-01-2014
Solaris package come in two formats:
stream (one .pkg file) and directory structure.
To install the 2nd form:
cd dir_where_package_dir_is
pkgadd -d . package_dir

Solaris 11 has a new package format but still accepts the old formats and commands.
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