Issue with luxadm?

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Operating Systems Solaris Issue with luxadm?
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Old 01-02-2014
Issue with luxadm?


I have Solaris 10 running on one of rack server with dual port FC card. Each port of FC card is connected to two switches respectively. I have been trying to test multipathing functionality with one of FC Storage.
While I have two storage controllers , each connected to the two switches for multipathing. So I have altogether 4 ports from each controller of storage connected to switches which altogether makes 8 paths for multipathing.

My Storage has two controllers - Controller 0 and Controller 1. I created two LUNs each of size 120GB. The primary owner for LUN1 was made Controller-0 . When I tried to make primary owner for LUN2 as controller-1 it threw a warning and switches it back to Controller-0. The warning gets displayed in Storage Management Tool. I noticed that it happen after 1-2 minutes of time and sometimes whenever the system reboots.

Due to this, when I am trying to run luxadm display <devicename> it shows me Controller-0 serial number for both the devices.(ie. Controller-0).

I went ahead and tested multipathing functionality. When I removed one cable of HBA card from host end, the other is taking care and I am still able to access the directory structure and both the LUNs without any issue. As another test scenerio, when I tried to remove one controller, the other controller takes care and LUNs are still accessible. When I removed Controller-0 the luxadm display shows serial number for both the LUNS as "unsupported". While remove Controller-1, it showed serial number of Controller-0 successfully.

All I am concerned about luxadm display for controller-1 which shows the serial number of controller-0 instead.
And, while removing controller-0 it shows serial number as"Unsupported".I wonder if there is any command or script which can rescan the luxadm display (I just guess if this can be helpful here).

Please suggest.
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Old 01-08-2014
which is the Storage involved?

are you using the solaris native multipath or the software of the storage vendor?
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Old 01-08-2014
The storage is Dell MD 3620f and I am using Solaris native multi pathing stmsboot.
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