Ops Center AI wrong IP

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Operating Systems Solaris Ops Center AI wrong IP
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Old 12-21-2013
What about /etc/netboot/wanboot.conf?
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Old 12-21-2013
on our Ops Center AI config:

root@opscenter:~# cat /var/ai/ai-webserver/listen-addresses.conf 
# Do not edit by hand.
# This file is created by the svc:/system/install/server method script
# and is Included in the AI webserver configuration file.
Listen <second IP>:5555

root@10-226-23-58:~# cat /etc/netboot/wanboot.conf

# 10  
Old 12-21-2013
And what does nslookup opscenter.<domain>.com show? My (wild) guess it will be "".
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Old 12-21-2013
It looks like good. I don't know why AI server choosed first IP address from /var/ai/ai-webserver/listen-addresses.conf

root@10-226-23-58:~# nslookup opscenter.<domain>.com
;; connection timed out; no servers could be reached

root@10-226-23-58:~# grep opscenter /etc/hosts   opscenter.<domain>.com

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Old 12-21-2013
Hmm, try running this:
/usr/bin/ai_sd -n opscenter_oc_solaris_sparc_1 -o /tmp/service_list -t 5 -d 4

Then show us what is in /tmp/service_list.
# 13  
Old 12-21-2013
root@10-226-23-58:~# /usr/bin/ai_sd -n opscenter_oc_solaris_sparc_1 -o /tmp/ser
vice_list -t 5 -d 4
<AISD_I 12/21 20:06:23> Service file: /tmp/service_list
<AISD_I 12/21 20:06:23> Service to look up: opscenter_oc_solaris_sparc_1._OSInstall._tcp.local
<AISD_I 12/21 20:06:28> Valid service found:
        svc: opscenter_oc_solaris_sparc_1._OSInstall._tcp.local:5555
        TXT: aiwebserver=
<AISD_I 12/21 20:06:28> opscenter_oc_solaris_sparc_1._OSInstall._tcp.local can be reached at:
<AISD_I 12/21 20:06:28> Storing service list into /tmp/service_list
root@10-226-23-58:~# cat /tmp/service_list .

# 14  
Old 12-21-2013
And what is in /system/volatile/service_list?
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