Any script to add IP's in zone ?

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Operating Systems Solaris Any script to add IP's in zone ?
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Old 12-17-2013
Any script to add IP's in zone ?

I have a Solaris-11 box, which is hosting 3 non-global zones. I am going to add 38 IP address to each zones (144 for all three zones). I kept those IP addresses in three files - /tmp/zone1_ip is having all ip's which needs to add in zone1, /tmp/zone2_ip is having ip's for zone2 and /tmp/zone3_ip for zone3. Is there any script or way to do it quickly ? Or else I will need to add it one by one like -
zonecfg -z zone1
zonecfg:zone1> add net
zonecfg:zone1:net> set address=xx.xx.xx.xx
zonecfg:zone1:net> set physical=net0
zonecfg:zone1:net> end
zonecfg:zone1> commit
zonecfg:zone1> exit

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Old 12-17-2013
zonecfg man page (Synopsis - man pages section 1M: System Administration Commands) contains example on how to add resources in a non-interactive fasion:
zonecfg -z myzone "add net; set physical=myvnic; end"

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Old 12-17-2013
Thanks bartus, I was able to add it quickly with this command and for loop
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