Usage of -prune and -name in find

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Operating Systems Solaris Usage of -prune and -name in find
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Old 11-13-2013
Usage of -prune and -name in find

I am into
cd /home/work/amey/history-*/

Under amey I have directories
history, history-1, history-2 and under history-2 I have got 2 files 3 and 2.

When I run the find command I get the below o/p.
find /home/work/amey/history-*/. -name . -o -prune -type f

Can somebody please let me know what does -name . does here ?
-o -> OR operator
-prune -> Skips the directory
-type f -> seraches for files only.


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Old 11-13-2013
With the start directory base names being . the -name . only matches the start directories.
The part after -o runs if there was no match.
Without this trick it would prune=stop already at the start directories.
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