Network interface showing wrong configuratoin

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Operating Systems Solaris Network interface showing wrong configuratoin
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Old 10-19-2013
Network interface showing wrong configuratoin

on both of my T2000 I am seeing same values of 100Mbps for e1000g0 ethernet port.
i know all four ethernet ports on T2000 are gigabit ports so why is my first link showing as 100Mbps and how can i correct it?

# dladm show-dev

e1000g0         link: up        speed: 100   Mbps       duplex: full

e1000g1         link: up        speed: 1000  Mbps       duplex: full

e1000g2         link: unknown   speed: 0     Mbps       duplex: half

e1000g3         link: unknown   speed: 0     Mbps       duplex: half


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Old 10-20-2013
Maybe connected to a wrongly configured port on a LAN switch, or a bad cable? Swap cables to find out!
Also look in /var/adm/messages!
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