M5000 XSCF upgrade, query about OBP

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Operating Systems Solaris M5000 XSCF upgrade, query about OBP
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Old 10-10-2013
M5000 XSCF upgrade, query about OBP


I'm planning to upgrade the XSCF firmware on an M5000, and have a question regarding the OBP part of the upgrade. At the moment, the system looks like this:

XCP0 (Current): 1100
OpenBoot PROM : 02.18.0000
XSCF          : 01.10.0000

root@server01 #  /usr/sbin/prtconf -V
OBP 4.24.15 2010/09/29 10:16

My query is, in the XSCF output, what exactly is the 'OBP 02.18.0000' referring to? Is this the OBP level itself, or does the OBP have it's own firmware? I only ask as another server, gave us the following:

XCP0 (Current): 1113
OpenBoot PROM : 02.29.0000
XSCF          : 01.11.0003

root@server2 #  /usr/sbin/prtconf -V
OBP 4.24.10 2008/08/12 19:52

The second server has a more recent obp level in the XSCF output, but a lower revision in the OS. I'm confused - can someone please explain?

Many thanks.
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Old 10-10-2013
was the second server rebooted after the FW update?
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Old 10-11-2013
Both servers are showing roughly the same uptime, but I have no way of telling if a firmware update was applied before/after these reboots.

I plan to bring both of them up to XCP 1116. I just want to make sure both will be on the same XSCF firmware & same OBP level. I dont understand why there are 2 reported entries for OBP, one at the XSCF level (02.18.0000) and one at the Solaris level (4.24.15).

Many thanks.
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Old 10-16-2013
mystery solved, after the XCP upgrade both XSCF & OBP were upgraded.

root@server01 # prtconf -V
OBP 4.24.15 2010/09/29 10:16

XSCF#0 (Active )
XCP0 (Current): 1100
OpenBoot PROM : 02.18.0000
XSCF          : 01.10.0000

root@server01 # prtconf -V
OBP 4.33.5.d 2012/07/18 06:55

XCP0 (Reserve): 1116
OpenBoot PROM : 02.32.0000
XSCF          : 01.11.0006

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