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Trying to boot Solaris without hard drives in T5220

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Trying to boot Solaris without hard drives in T5220

I have three Sun Oracle Netra T5220s. I am trying to just get the processor information psrinfo or prtdiag -v from the # prompt in single user mode.

I am needing to know the commands to get to boot the CD/DVD of the Solaris OS. I am using it via Serial Port Management.

Tinkering around I was able to access the (ok) command. I the boot-disk command for the long file name with /disk at the end was not able to boot from. It was a install of Solaris 11 burned on a DVD. (Dont know if being a DVD or the wrong version had to do with anything.)
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After inserting the DVD into the drive, in the "ok" prompt try:
boot cdrom

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boot cdrom

will take you to the Solaris install routine (which without a hard disk won't get you very far).

boot cdrom -s

will boot the system into 'single user' which will allow you to enter commands and interrogate the box.
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boot cdrom will also offer interactive shell (as an option to choose in the installer menu).
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@bartus11......yes, of course, I see where you're coming from. Thanks.
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