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ZeusIOPS multipathing failed Solaris 11


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Old Unix and Linux 07-18-2013   -   Original Discussion by pressy
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Hammer & Screwdriver ZeusIOPS multipathing failed Solaris 11


just installed solaris 11.1 ( on a sun7410 ZFSSA (x4440 + j4400), but when I enable multipathing with "stmsboot -e", only the 1TB SATA drives inside the j4400 are configured as multipathed vhci / mpxio devices, but the logzillas / ZeusIOPS drives are skipped. the server is connected with two SAS HBAs to the j4400 storage

s11.1# echo | format | grep c0t5000C50010C79068d0
22. c0t5000C50010C79068d0 <ATA-SEAGATE ST31000N-SU0F-931.51GB>

s11.1# stmsboot -L | grep c0t5000C50010C79068d0
/dev/rdsk/c11t20d0  /dev/rdsk/c0t5000C50010C79068d0
/dev/rdsk/c10t120d0 /dev/rdsk/c0t5000C50010C79068d0

s11.1# mpathadm list lu /dev/dsk/c0t5000C50010C79068d0s2

mpath-support: libmpscsi_vhci.so
Total Path Count: 2
Operational Path Count: 2

s11.1# echo | format | grep -i zeus

4. c10t104d0 <ATA-STEC ZeusIOPS-0430-17.00GB>
5. c11t4d0 <ATA-STEC ZeusIOPS-0430-17.00GB>
9. c10t108d0 <ATA-STEC ZeusIOPS-0430-17.00GB>
10. c11t8d0 <ATA-STEC ZeusIOPS-0430-17.00GB>

Found a setting on another ZFSSA running the fishworks solaris os (Solaris 11 Express snv_151 || ZFSSA 2011.1.6) in the kernel.drv directory:

ss7410# tail -2 /kernel/drv/sd.conf
sd-config-list="*Z16IZF2EUSUN73G*", "logzilla-config", "*Z16IZF3EUSUN73G*", "logzilla-config", "*ZeusIOPs-G3*", "logzilla-config", "*ZeusIOP*", "logzilla-config", "ZeusRAM", "logzilla-config", "*SD88S*", "logzilla-config", "*-HBA-NVRAM-*", "logzilla-config";

I've tried these settings on the solaris 11.1 installation, also with 'mpxio-disable="no";' and 'disable-sata-mpxio="no";' in /kernel/drv/mpt.conf & /kernel/drv/mpt_sas.conf, but solaris fails to enable the multipathing...

it should work, the ZFSSA uses the vhci path:

ss7410# echo | format | grep -i zeus

no 'mpathadm' to prove the 2nd path on the ZFSSA solaris...

tried several variations in the sd.conf, but it doesn't work:

sd-config-list="*Z16IZF2EUSUN73G*", "logzilla-config", "*Z16IZF3EUSUN73G*", "logzilla-config", "*ZeusIOPs-G3*", "logzilla-config", "*ZeusIOP*", "logzilla-config", "ZeusRAM", "logzilla-config", "*SD88S*", "logzilla-config", "*-HBA-NVRAM-*", "logzilla-config", "ZeusIOPS-0430-17.00GB", "logzilla-config", "*ATA-STEC*", "logzilla-config", "ATA-STEC ZeusIOPS-0430-17.00GB", "logzilla-config", "STEC ZeusIOPS", "logzilla-config", "*STEC*", "logzilla-config";

Did I forget so tell solaris somewhere to look into that sd.conf file... running out of ideas, any hints?

thanks in advance,

regards - pressy
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